While the elections held our attention, the climate crisis has continued to unfold before our eyes. Wildfires have burnt throughout California, engulfing us in toxic smoke and destroying lives, homes, and businesses. We need to end our dependency on fossil fuels and provide a just transition for workers in those industries. Local advocates like us have work to do.

  • How can we ensure the County’s Board of Supervisor’s Climate Emergency Resolution is more than just window dressing? What is needed from us to ensure a strong County Climate Action Plan and General Plan Update to keep our community’s healthy and on the path to a healthy climate? 
  • Two of the four refineries in the county have announced major changes, closures, and now production of Bio-fuels. What does this all mean?
  • We are still fighting to Stop Oil Drilling in Brentwood, and join in on the fight at the state level to reduce permitting of new oil and gas wells. What are the next steps?

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