Lindy Novak, August 28, 2021

Any of us who follow the news (and look at our skies) realize that we have moved from a state of Climate Change to a state of Climate Emergency. The issues can be overwhelming and, as individuals, it can be difficult not to feel paralyzed and powerless in the face of what is happening. This being acknowledged, there are personal decisions that many of us can make to try to alleviate some of the worst of what we may end up experiencing and to contribute to a healthier, more balanced planet. The four main efforts that have the most impact are to drive much less, to fly much less, to minimize eating meat, and to consider whether we should have children. Other actions we can take include using less energy and water, electrifying and solar-powering our homes, purchasing less, donating to environmental groups, divesting from fossil fuel investments, voting for candidates who prioritize the environment and getting involved in local climate organizations, which can be very effective in terms of influencing policy and affecting change. We all have an obligation and an opportunity to contribute to the greater good of this one amazing planet that we call home. I hope we all make this effort – individually and collectively we can make a difference in what our future will look like. Not making this effort does not seem like an acceptable alternative, given the gravity of our situation.

Cover Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash